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About Us

The objective of Universal Ready Mix Concrete is to provide a range of products and services with the latest technology and a high level of quality. These products and services are designed to meet the customers’ specifications and the relevant national and international standards. We assure quality and reliability of our products and services in all the processes of manufacturing and delivery.

To meet these objectives, procedures, and instructions we employ certified engineers, and quality control specialists equipped with high-tech machinery and testing facilities to ensure the products’ specification. Moreover, each batch is individually tested, documented and archived for future reference and quality assurance.

At Universal Ready Mix, we are fully committed to the standards and act proactively to resolve any quality issues that may arise, and work with a preventive action system. We are fully dedicated to provide our products and services to customers on a timely basis in accordance with their needs. Universal Ready Mix aspires to provide these through our comprehensively trained work force.